Simple Quilt Bag
Nicola Ritter, March 1, 2021
This large quilt bag is easy to make and is
big enough to hold one large quilt or two
single bed quilts, which is perfect for our
If you have a different bag pattern that you
are used to then feel free to use it, just
make sure that the finished bag is at least
20” (51cm) across and 21” (53.5cm) tall.
Bag: Two rectangular pieces at least 23” × 20
(58.5cm × 52cm) of quilting or
heavier fabric or 23” (58.5cm) of full width quilting fabric.
Handles: Two pieces of 1” (2.5cm) wide strapping at least 20” (51cm) long or two
pieces of fabric 20” × 3
” (51cm × 9cm).
Seams should be approximately
” (6mm) wide.
The seams need to be sturdy with finished edges in case the fabric frays, so either use
an overlocker, sewing machine straight stitch plus overlock/overcast stitch, or a French
seam (Google it).
Make sure you go backwards over any straight stitching at the beginning and end of
the seam to secure it.
Overlock thread should be threaded back through the stitches to secure it.