About Bargello Master

Quilt Master Patterns is run by husband and wife team James and Nicola. James is a retired software engineer, keen cyclist and involved in local bush regeneration projects in the Hills east of Perth in Western Australia. Nicola is a software engineer (still working).

A few years ago Nicola wanted to create a Bargello quilt with a treble clef on a simple rippled background. She tried the only available software at the time and despaired (it was awful), she then tried to use a spreadsheet (tortuous and really difficult). So she and James sat down and designed a program that could be used to create Bargello quilts and their instructions. James then spent the next three years full time building the software. This proprietary software (“Bargello Master”©) has allowed them to create patterns for traditional designs as well as new and unusual designs and patterns. Our unique software has allowed us also to create a body of patterns with themes.

These days Nicola is the main quilt designer (when she is not at work) and James maintains the web site. Nicola starts with an idea and a sketch and uses our powerful Bargello Master software to generate the pattern and the detailed instructions. Each pattern is designed in such a way that quilters are able to make the maximum possible use of material, with very little waste.