Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



What bed sizes do you use when designing the quilts?

The table below gives bed and quilt sizes that we use.  All bed quilts are created so that the design looks good on top of the bed, not lost in the overhang.  The Quilt Heights and Quilt Widths shown below are only approximate as the size for each design of quilt is affected by the Bargello column widths and row heights as well as the need for important parts of the design to be visible on the bed top.


Name Bed Width Bed Height Quilt Width Quilt Height
Single Bed 36″ 74″ 56″ 86″
Single Long 36″ 80″ 56″ 92″
Single King 42″ 80″ 62″ 92″
Double 54″ 74″ 82″ 90″
Queen 60″ 80″ 88″ 96″
King 72″ 80″ 100″ 96″


What other size quilts do you design?


Name Width Height
Anti-macassar 20″ 60″
Cot 36″ 48″
Wheelchair Throw (lap quilt) 38″ 38″
Single Throw (lap quilt) 48″ 60″
Double Throw (double lap quilt) 75″ 60″


What is an anti-macassar?


Macassar was a type of hair oil sold in the 1800s.  These days an anti-macassar is anything thrown over the back of a chair to protect it from either natural or added hair oil.

What is a throw/lap quilt?


This is a quilt that you use over your legs/body when sitting down on a cold day.  They are wonderful for the elderly or disabled, and they’re great to brighten up an armchair or couch.

There is a particular design that you have on your website, but it is not available in the size I want, can you create it for me?


If the design is suitable for the size you want then we can create that size.  If it is a size we can sell we will simply add it to the website.  If it is an unusual size then it will end up being a one-off for you and hence will cost a bit more.  Contact us to ask.

Why do the prices vary?


Some quilts are easier to design than others.  The price reflects the effort that went into the design.

Why is the binding width ⅜”?


⅜” gives a really nice binding without using too much material.

How do you decide on the difficulty rating for a quilt?


Information used to decide on difficulty:

  • whether the row height is smaller than ¼”;
  • the number and position of ¼” width columns;
  • the number of different fabrics required for the quilt;
  • whether the quilt has repeating motifs;
  • whether the quilt is symmetrical vertically or horizontally;
  • whether the quilt has abrupt changes in colour sequence;
  • whether the quilt has an overlaid icon (such as TrebleClef);
  • whether the quilt fabrics reflect around the last/first fabric rather than repeat;
  • whether the design itself is simple or complex.


Can you copy a design I have seen on the web?


If the design you have seen is subject to copyright then we cannot copy it.  However many Bargello designs are not subject to copyright as they are already in the public domain.  It is also possible for us to design something similar but subtly different so that it does not infringe copyright. Contact us to ask.


Can you create a Bargello design from a photograph of scenery or objects etc.?


It depends on the picture.  Bargellos have quite strict constraints on shape, so some images are just not suitable.  You also need to hold or obtain copyright for the picture. Send us the picture and we will let you know if it is possible.


Can you create a Bargello design from a free hand drawing?


Almost certainly yes.  As long as the picture conforms to the normal constraints for a Bargello then we can turn it into a pattern for you.  Email us to negotiate royalties and rights.


Can you custom make a unique Bargello design just for me?


Yes, we can custom make designs, but these will cost a lot more unless you are prepared to have your design added to our website.


I have a quilt design that I created that I would like you to copy and sell for me, do you do this?


Yes, if the design is unique, email us to negotiate royalties and rights.


I have a pattern for a design I created, will you sell it online for me?


The pattern would have to conform to our standards, so probably we would re-create it and sell it that way.  Email us to negotiate royalties and rights.


Can you create a design from our club logo?


Send it to us and we will try.


Can I join your design team?


We would love to have 2-3 people designing for us.  Contact us if you are interested.


Why don’t you sell the “Bargello Master” program that you use to produce the quilts?


There is a big difference between writing a program that a software engineer can use and creating one that anyone can use.  We have managed to make one that we (as software engineers) can use, but it would need a lot of costly development before it was fit for others to use.  We are a husband and wife team and it has proven too difficult for us to undertake the required development.  Also, without the backup that larger companies have, it would be very difficult to stop others from illegally copying our software.


Can I sell my non-Bargello pattern through you?


If the design is unique and the instructions are good then we can negotiate to sell your pattern.  Contact us.


I have a non-Bargello design, can you create a pattern from it?


This process is costly as it is not automated.  Contact us about price; it will vary depending on the complexity of the design and whether you want to sell it on our website.